doTERRA Wholesale Membership

If you are interested in using doTERRA’s products and want to save money on all your purchases, then the Wholesale Membership account is perfect for you.

The first and most obvious benefit of a wholesale account is the fact that you can purchase product at a lower price.  Here’s a list of the benefits you can enjoy when you join my team as a wholesale member. :)
  • 25% Discount off of retail prices
  • Earn 10%- 30% back on your qualifying orders when you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (optional but highly recommended)
  • Enrollment fee is only $35! Waived if you purchase an enrollment kit.
  • Low $25 renewal fee. doTERRA will send you a free bottle of peppermint upon renewal.
  • Special members only promotions.
  • Online account access to manage your orders.
  • Products ship directly from doTERRA.
  • Access to an amazing business opportunity (not required but highly recommended!  We are part of the Modern Wellness team, so you can read their incredible story by clicking the link).
  • Access to private team Facebook pages (This is an amazing resource!)
  • Essential Oil Education
  • Exclusive Business Training (optional)

You can enjoy wholesale membership without any strings attached – No requirements to buy or sell. I like to compare it to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership.

The best way to get started is to take advantage of one of the many enrollment kits that doTERRA has created.  These are great because:

  • The $35 enrollment fee is included
  • Get product in the kit that is discounted even below wholesale pricing
  • It’s a great pre-packaged way to get started with the products that will benefit you most
  • Several kits have extra perks as well.  Give us a call and we can help guide you to what kit is right for your needs/budget.

How do I sign up?

4 thoughts on “doTERRA Wholesale Membership

  1. My doctor at McCann Chiropractic Center signed me up for a wholesale membership while placing an order for me. My ID # is 1802985.
    Am I enrolled?
    Thank you

  2. I am very interested in becoming a member. I suffer from sinus problems and have found your on guard oil to be very relieving. Today I worked in a home that used a diffuser and my relief was even greater. I’m glad I found your products, and I tell everyone about the relief it has brought me. Thank You!

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