doTERRA Wholesale Membership

If you are interested in using doTERRA’s products and want to save money on all your purchases, then the Wholesale Membership/IPC account is perfect for you.

Having your own Wholesale Membership/IPC account is simple. All it takes to get started is a $35.00 enrollment fee and then you can enjoy all the membership benefits outlined below.   To renew your account each year it is only $25.00, and as a thank you for your renewal you will receive a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint essential oil (a $20.50 value), making the cost of maintaining a wholesale account only $4.50/year.

The best way to get started is to take advantage of one of the many enrollment kits that doTERRA has created.  These are great because:

  • The $35 enrollment fee is included
  • Get product in the kit that is discounted even below wholesale pricing
  • It’s a great pre-packaged way to get started with the products that will benefit you most
  • Several kits have extra perks as well.  Give us a call and we can help guide you to what kit is right for your needs/budget.
The first and most obvious benefit of a wholesale account is the fact that you can purchase product at a lower price.  As if a discount isn’t enough, doTERRA also really takes care of their wholesale members.  Free product offers, special promotions, members only discounts.   AND, our favorite….the Loyalty Rewards Program (We get rewards points from our orders that we are already placing and then we can redeem those reward points for FREE product! LOVE it!)So to sum it all up, what we love most about our wholesale account is:
  • A minimum 25% discount on everything you order
  • Special promotions
  • Members only discounts
  • Product of the month club
  • Loyalty Rewards Program (click here to learn more about this program)
  • Track and place orders through your own private virtual office

How do I sign up?

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